My Starwars Autograph Collection

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My Starwars Autograph Collection

This site contains a proportion of my current, ever growing autograph collection of everyone I can find that was involved with the making of Starwars in any way. I am regularly updating the site with my back catalogue of autographs while trying to balance this with organising new autographs to add to my collection.

The autographs are grouped by film, part and persons name, some had small parts to play others large roles, behind the scenes or in front of the camera, some are well known, others were less visible, but everyone is very welcome.

If you would like to keep up to date with my latest starwars autograph news, I post my updates on my star wars autograph blog where comments and star ratings are always welcome. If you want to sit on the 'cutting edge' of my autograph collecting, then the Starwars autograph collecting facebook page is the place to hear about the latest 'new names' and connect with other starwars autograph collectors.

I accept the challenge to find 'new names' - those that helped make the Starwars films possible, but were uncredited for their part, or have moved on in their career, leaving Starwars a distant memory. I believe everyone who helped make starwars what it was deserves a place in my collection and I would like to share that collection with you. There is an 'about me' page that may shed some light on the dark side and give some insight into the background of a prolific Starwars Autograph collector.