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Ben Mandelson

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Totally thrilled to add Ben Mandelson to my Rogue one collection, a brilliant actor who nails the bad guy image every time
In Rogue on he plays Orson Krennic who is obsessed with the completion of the long-delayed Death Star project
I stole this small piece from a media page i love it when actors are into the part
On the day that Darth Vader walked on to the set, says Edwards: “We were just getting ready to shoot the scene, and Ben asked to confer. It probably looked like we were huddling over actor stuff – motivation, tone, whatever. We weren’t. In fact, Ben was like a 10-year-old kid, clenching his fists in total delight and saying [he puts on an Aussie accent]: ‘Mate, look! It’s Darth fucking Vader!’”

Mendelsohn says: “It was like the seven-year-old me’s dream come true, 1977, Star Wars. From the ages of six to about 12, you’ll find that’s the peak age range where these movies go straight in – zoom!” He mimes a rocket flying into his face and blowing his kiddie-consciousness into a million pieces. “It hit me at an elemental level, and, for that kid I was then, I’m very glad. I often quip that there were many times in my life when I wish I’d been able to tell myself: ‘Don’t worry about it, one day you’ll be in a Star Wars movie.’ Alas, you can’t do it. And yet …” he chuckles, “here we are.”

Dave Louis Oldbury
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