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About my Khan Bonfils Roger Christian Autograph

Sometimes filling in the gaps of your collection can feel like an almost impossible task, the older trilogy actors are becoming harder to find and ill health and sadly sometimes death itself rob us of chances to complete our life's work.

Sadly even some of the prequel actors are sadly disappearing way to early

Take this Autograph for one such instance this picture features set decorator and production designer Roger Christian who worked on both Return of the Jedi and The Phantom Menace

I am glad to say Roger is very much still with us sadly the same cant be said for the other gentleman in the photo.

Khan Bonfils played Jedi council member Saesee Tiin in the phantom Menace

Mr Bonfils, 42, affectionately referred to as Kan, was preparing for an production of Dante’s Inferno when he collapsed on stage Paramedics and members of the Craft Theater Company in East London fought in vain to save the actor’s life but sadly he passed away.

A very sad ending to a promising career indeed, i owe a massive debt of gratitude to one of the kindest guys i know my mate Dave for making this gap in my collection go away thank you so much Brother

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