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My Stephen Constantino Corey Dee Williams Autograph

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About my Stephen Constantino Corey Dee Williams Autograph

This is a couple of signatures that i am mega happy to have its Stephen Constantino, who played a Gamorrean Guard and Corey Dee Williams who portrayed a Klaatu in Return of the Jedi

I got the chance to hang out with Stephen for a whole weekend at the fan fun day and what a treat it was, the mans a class act plays guitar like a pro and is just full of good vibes a real star

I was also lucky enough to meet Corey Dee Williams the son of Billy Dee , again full of fun and just liked to joke not a big headed bone in his body very humble and very funny a top guy

The only tinge of sadness have over this photo is that ill never get to add the amazing godlike Stuart Freeborn as hes sadly no longer with us, but im happy none the less just getting two of the nicest guys out there

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