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Some images are just iconic, and i would say that this one falls under that title
This has been signed by Gil Taylor, who to most Star wars fans will need no introduction I have borrowed Gil's own words from a Mark Newbold interview to give an example of Gil's views

"I wanted to give Star Wars a unique visual style that would distinguish it from other films in the science fiction genre. I wanted Star Wars to have clarity because I think space isn’t out of focus, also I was mindful that there was an enormous amount of process work to be done in America with Dykstra after we had finished shooting in England, and a crisp result would help this process"

I was lucky enough to visit Gil on a few occasions over the years and he was a fascinating man to spend time with, he never lost his love of the camera and often told me off for not standing in the right place when attempting to get a photograph
Dave Louis Oldbury
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A New Hope