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About my Julian Glover Autograph

This is Julian Glover as General Veers as seen in The Empire Strikes Back.

I loved the General Veers character, for the brief times we saw him he just oozed that military confidence that was sadly lacking in many of the other imperial officers around him
He didn't seem to have the fear of Darth Vader that was so obvious in many of his fellow officers, as we saw in the way he led the Imperial walker attack on the Hoth Rebel Base
General Veers was definitely the man to get things done

The special thing for me about this particular signature is that it is indeed the last one that i needed to complete the basic set, which was on offer twenty years ago

I have my friend Pete Chuka, who many of you will know as Bendu to thank for his generosity, he knew this was the last piece i need to complete and very kindly donated it to my collection to put me out of my misery

There are of course some chase graphs that were available at the time, but that is a rabbit hole i am not sure i want to go down.
For now I am happy to sit back and admire my ill gotten gains and reflect on some amazing memories and friends that all came about from the journey to Indianapolis and Celebration II

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