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About my Michael Smiley & Tom Wilton Autograph

Sometimes the irony of collecting star wars signatures is nothing short of amazing

Many years ago when i first started collecting, the hobby was a much different beast from the one we see now, the cast list was limited and getting graphs was an adventure in itself.

Back then i remember there were two signatures i wanted so badly, one was Alfie Curtis who played Dr Evazan and the other was whoever played Ponda Baba

Alfie surfaced for a little while and i was lucky enough to get a signature. he then disappeared for many years but then surfaced again and i was fortunate to have met him a few times before he sadly passed away

That left whoever played Ponda Baba, and that's a mystery that no one has ever been able to solve, many back in the day believe it was a guy named Tommy lsley,his name appeared on a A New Hope production sketch attached to an alien called "Grasshopper".

I was lucky enough to get a signed Tommy Isley index sketch but it is a shot in the dark and best and it is still very much a hot topic of debate as to who played the original Walrus Man to this day

So fast forward to Rogue one and for this eternal nine year old Happiness abounds as his two favorite sleazebags Ponda and Evazan resurface, this time in the form of Michael Smiley and Tom Wilton

At last a chance to complete a Dr Evazan, Ponda Baba double shot!

Well after a good deal of patience and a lot of help from some good friends it finally happened and i couldn't be happier

A big thank you to Paul and Stu for the love with this one


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