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pike suichitzky

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This will always be a photograph that I view with a tinge of sadness, one for the obvious reason that i can never add dear Carrie Fisher obviously, but also because it seems to me that this image honestly shows the nature of such an amazing lady.

Anyone who was fortunate enough to meet Carrie will testify that not only was she everyone's princess, but she was very much a lady of the people, mad,happy, off the wall, the list of endearing compliments are endless,and i truly believe this photograph captures who she was, no one was beyond her sense of fun, no one was exempt from her humor.

I had already gotten this image signed by both Peter Suschitzky and Kelvin Pike.

Mr Suschitzky was cinematographer on Empire Strikes back a very talented individual in his own words he described his time working on Empire.
"As a young cinematographer, I wanted to be challenged and I knew that the previous film had been enormously popular, so it was the feeling that we were working on something that was important to a lot of people. That is very flattering to the people working on it".

Mr Pike was a Camera Operator on Empire and having visited him a few times i can tell you he had nothing but stories of fun and admiration for the late Carrie, I think this photo just about says it all for me really.

Dave Louis Oldbury
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