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This for me is about as much Star Wars royalty as you can get, anyone who knows anything about what went into making the original Trilogy happen knows that these two men are pretty much held in god like status by the whole of the cast and crew that worked on those films Norman Reynolds was Art Director for A New Hope and production designer for both Empire Strikes Back and Return of the jedi, he won a BAFTA award for Art direction on A New Hope as well as being nominated for the same on Empire and Jedi respectively Basically any sets you see on film are down to Norman a Truly creative Genius whose greatest work for me was by far the Carbon Freezing chamber set on Bespin Robert watts is held in equal adulation for his contribution to the film world, addicted to film going as a child and then getting a Break into the industry as a runner, before cutting his teeth making commercials, working his way onto such titles as James Bond Thunderball where he progressed to location management Robert was approached in the USA by Gary Kurtz in relation to shooting American Graffiti and the rest is history really the bond was set for Mr Watts to work with George Lucas for the whole of the Star wars and Raiders franchise, something which elevates him to legendary status in my book I too the chance to get this image co signed by them both at various meetings, being in the presence of greatness really isn't to big a word im so grateful and happy to have these two in my collection
Dave Louis Oldbury
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